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Project by: KRISTAL.

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Program: The Hebrew Language Academy - Museum, Auditorium, Research Facilities, Offices, Training Center, Outdoor functions

Size: 9,000 m2

Status: Competition Proposal

Client: The Hebrew Language Academy

Year: 2020

Images: LOOTARCHY (1,2,6)

"Read between the lines" is our competition entry for the new home of the Hebrew Language Academy in Jerusalem, Israel.

The concept derives from the unique history and present of the Hebrew language, and the countless interpretations, subtexts, and ways of reading it had and has. The design seeks to unfold itself and the experience it offers in a way which is open for a multitude of interpretations and ways of reading between the academy's lines. 

The building aims at integrating itself smoothly in the site's topography and morphology. The three overground floors vary in size according to the sloping terrain and the academy's programmatic division. The sloping green roof is conceived as an open public space with gathering functions.

The building's envelope is conceived as a light, dynamic series of vertical metal louvers, changing in depth in response to the light and views each function asks. The airy envelope enables reading between the academy's lines already before entering, and draws visitors for further 'reading'.

The Hebrew language academy's design is an experiential multilayered building which strive to present the language itself as such.

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