Compass House - KRISTAL. Architecture


Project by: KRISTAL.

Location: Klil, Israel

Program: Family House

Size: 102 m2

Status: Completed

Client: Private

Year: 2019

Photographs: Shiri Kristal

This family house is situated in Klil, an off-grid alternative village. The main concept was to introduce a seamless, free flowing way of moving within the house and the open spaces surrounding it. 

The central, public space, which contains the living room and kitchen, is encompassed by a corridor, partially inside and partially outside of the house. This circulation route zigzagging in and out gives the notion of free and almost endless movement, and connects the natural and the built in an effortless way.

The house's walls and roof were prefabricated with wood in a nearby workshop, and assembled rapidly on site.

Compass House - KRISTAL. Architecture
Compass House - KRISTAL. Architecture
Compass House - KRISTAL. Architecture