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Studio KRISTAL. Klil
Studio KRISTAL. Klil


Project by: KRISTAL.

Location: klil, Israel

Program: Architecture Studio

Size: 8.5 m2

Status: Completed

Client: Studio KRISTAL.

Year: 2021 

Materials: Reclaimed Wood, Gypsum, PVC Sheets

Photographs: Shiri Kristal

Self designed and self built, studio KRISTAL. is nestled in a small clearing in the Mediterranean vegetation of Klil, protected by an old Carob tree.

The studio was designed with the idea of using as less new materials as possible , thus reducing to minimum its carbon footprint. Almost all materials used for the construction were reclaimed, even the screws and bolts.

The design takes full advantage of the natural surroundings, allowing expansive views of the green hills. The studio's volume is carefully inserted beneath the canopy of the Carob tree, which provide shade and the feeling of working inside its branches.

Studio KRISTAL. Klil
Studio KRISTAL. Klil
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